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​Point Card

Our point card is
Take-away items only

I give 1 point for 550 yen
30 points can be used for shopping of 1,000 yen.
However, some items are excluded.



At our shop, credit card payment,

Electronic money/QR code payment


​Hana Cupid

Excellent flower shops nationwide join
Using the “Hana Cupid” system
We will deliver flowers all over the country.

Worldwide delivery

through our affiliate network

Delivery is possible.

​Please inquire.


Saitama Prefecture "Maitama Shop"​

​ "Papa/Mama Support Shop"

Saitama Prefecture "Maitama Shop"
"Papa/Mama Support Shop"

You can use the special treatment system of ​.

You can also use the ​ app.


​flower and green gift certificate

Nationwide "Flower and Green Gift Certificate"
are available.
500 yen ticket and 1,000 yen ticket
I prepared it.

Since there is an expiration date

Please be careful when using.


​ Saitama prefecture agricultural products support store

Working on local production for local consumption
Handling of flowers from Saitama Prefecture

We are doing

For phalaenopsis orchids, local excellent producers

More direct purchase and home delivery service

​We are doing

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