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◎ About ordering products ◎

Place your order using one of the forms below
Please follow the procedure.
Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer
We handle payment by invoice (only for corporations).

For credit,Email payment (Squere)of
make use of
can be settled.
◎ About delivery products ◎

Products that can be delivered start from 3,300 yen.

Please enter the price of the product itself when entering.

Consumption tax is automatically calculated.

​ To issue an invoice and send an email (Squere),
After delivery is completed.

​* Please be sure to call us for urgent orders.
If there is no reply from our shop, it will be invalid.
In the case of the flower cupid use, a fee
An additional ¥550.- will be charged.


You can use the WEB ORDER FORM up to 2 business days in advance.
By fax or phone for the day or the day beforePlease. 

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